Information for Patients

A better chiropractic lifestyle doesn’t start and end in your doctor’s office. There are helpful, healing exercises and routines you can practice at home and in between adjustments. It’s recommended that you wait until after your first adjustment for home care.

Wobble Cushion – Anterior T12

This video demonstrates how to warm up your spine with a specific exercise that helps to correct the thoracic spine plane. Going through this simple range of motions effectively addresses the subluxation pattern.

Lumbar Extension

This exercise targets the lumbar vertebrae in your low back. Perform this exercise properly and you will accentuate the essential curve in your lower spine while stabilizing your lumbar vertebrae.

CTU Pull

This video explains and demonstrates the use of the cervical traction unit to strengthen and stabilize your cervical spine. This exercise focuses specifically on, and addresses, the cervical subluxation patterns between the neck and mid back.

L-5 Spondylo Lower Exercise

This lower back exercise targets the lowest verterbra in your spine, or the L5. This is a two-part exercise that helps stabilize the bottom portion of your spine.

Cervical Extension

This simple exercise helps increase the effectiveness of spinal adjustments targeting your pelvis.We’ll demonstrate the proper technique and form for this exercise, so you can improve the health of your spine.

Pelvic Rotation Blocking

This video explains and demonstrates the use of pelvic support wedges to strengthen and stabilize your cervical and lumbar spinal bones. This exercise is essential to maintaining the proper alignment of your spine.